Macie, an exhuberant and inquisitive child of two years of age, keeps her parents, grandparents and even great-grandparents busy.  However, the family doesn’t mind, because at four months old Macie was just struggling to stay alive.  After what seemed a normal pregnancy, Macie was born prematurely and with a severe case of cardiomyopathy (an inflammation of the heart that interferes with its ability to pump blood).  Although she was allowed to go home after her birth, she continued to have significant medical problems and went into cardiac arrest twice.  It was just after her second cardiac arrest that Macie, while in the ICU, had a donor heart become available. 

Macie received a heart transplant at just four months old and came through the operation well enough to return home quickly.  The family saw an immediate change in Macie, both in her eating abilities and her new energy.  Although she will always take anti-rejection medications, she will be able to do all the things other children do, including sports. “Macie is catching up from all the time she was in the hospital and is developing very well” says her mom, Michelle. “I can’t stress enough the importance of organ and tissue donation.  I’d ask people to give organ donation a chance.  It saved Macie’s life.”

And Macie's mom, Michelle, continues to do all that she can to  raise awareness!

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