KCUMB 2012 Colby Cassani Endowed Lectureship Series Survey Results


The May 2012 Colby Cassani Endowed Lectureship Series was a great success!  We are pleased to present the results of an evaluation completed by attendees.

2012 Colby Cassani Endowed Lectureship Series Evaluation

1.       To what extent were the presenters, John and Starla Cassani, Trustees of the Colby Foundation, knowledgeable, organized and effective in their presentation:

Outstanding                                       72.269%

Above Average                                   22.269%

Average                                               5.042%

Below Average                                     0%

Poor                                                     0%

Unanswered                                          0.42%

2.       To what extent was the presenter, Dr. Mark Reintjes, speaking on Organ Donation Overview & Kidney Transplant Surgery, knowledgeable, organized and effective in his presentation:

Outstanding                                       51.681%

Above Average                                   36.975%

Average                                               9.664%

Below Average                                     0.42%

Poor                                                     0%

Unanswered                                         1.261%

3.       To what extent was the presenter, Dr. Chris Bryan, speaking on Kidney Transplantation and Histo-Compatibility,  knowledgeable, organized and effective in his presentation:

Outstanding                                       38.235%

Above Average                                   42.017%

Average                                             18.908%

Below Average                                    0.84%

Poor                                                   0%

Unanswered                                        0%

4.        To what extent was the presenter, Dr. Karen Hardinger, speaking on Medical Management/Immunosuppressive Therapy, knowledgeable, organized and effective in her presentation:

 Percent Answered

Outstanding                                       42.017%

Above Average                                   32.353%

Average                                             23.529%

Below Average                                    1.681%

Poor                                                     0.42%

Unanswered                                         0%

5.        To what extent was the patient, Ray [G] knowledgeable, organized and effective in his presentation:

Outstanding                                       67.647%

Above Average                                  26.471%

Average                                              5.882%

Below Average                                    0%

Poor                                                    0%

Unanswered                                        0%

6.        Indicate the application of these presentations:  (Check all that apply)

to improve clinical skills                                                79.832%

to improve interpretive and diagnostic skills                  46.218%

to acquire new information on the subject                     96.218%

to review the subject                                                     47.059%

to meet course requirements                                         21.429%

7.        How might the format of this activity be improved in order to be most appropriate for the content presented?  (Select all that apply)

Format was appropriate; no changes needed       50.42%

Include more patient presentations                      36.555%

Increase interactivity with attendees                    15.546%

Schedule more time for Q and A                            9.244%

Add breakouts for subtopics                                   18.067%

Other, please describe in next box.                        8.403% 

8.       If you chose other on the previous question please describe below.

Given Answers:

·         The first hour and last hour were fantastic and very effective...

·         I thought the first presenter who started the colby foundation was very good. It really grabbed your attention, especially at 8 am...

·         The opening given by Starla and the patient presentation by Ray were excellent...

·         Overall, the level of presentation was great...

·         I really liked all presentations...

·         ...Dr. Hardinger was a great speaker (would love to have her as a professor, maybe guest lecturer in the future - although our pharmacology faculty are awesome!)...

·         I thought Starla Cassani's speech was the most interesting, because she talked about the emotional processes going on with donor families and coping with the loss...

9.        Please rate the overall aspects of this educational activity on the basis of:  Educational content

Outstanding                                       36.975%

Above  average                                  49.58%

Average                                             10.924%

Below average                                     1.261%

Poor                                                     0%

Unanswered                                         1.261%

10.    Please rate the overall aspects of this educational activity on the basis of:  Relevance to section content

Outstanding                                       36.975%

Above  average                                  42.017%

Average                                             19.328%

Below average                                     1.681%

Poor                                                     0%

Unanswered                                         0%

11.    Please rate the overall aspects of this educational activity on the basis of:  Questions and discussions

Outstanding                                       20.588%

Above  average                                  38.235%

Average                                             35.714%

Below average                                     3.782%

Poor                                                     0.42%

Unanswered                                         1.261%

12.   Please rate the overall aspects of this educational activity on the basis of:  Oral presentations

Outstanding                                       37.815%

Above  average                                  48.739%

Average                                             11.765%

Below average                                     0.42%

Poor                                                    0%

Unanswered                                        1.261%

13.   Please rate the overall aspects of this educational activity on the basis of:  Quality of presenters

Outstanding                                       47.899%

Above  average                                  44.958%

Average                                               6.723%

Below average                                     0%

Poor                                                     0%

Unanswered                                          0.42%

14.     Please rate the overall aspects of this educational activity on the basis of:  Selection of topics

 Outstanding                                      30.672%

Above  average                                  54.202%

Average                                             13.445%

Below average                                    0.84%

Poor                                                    0%

Unanswered                                         0.84%

15.   Please rate the overall aspects of this educational activity on the basis of:  Overall quality of Lecture Series

 Outstanding                                      41.176%

Above  average                                  48.739%

Average                                              9.664%

Below average                                     0.42%

Poor                                                    0%

Unanswered                                        0%

16.    Did you have the opportunity to discuss issues with the speakers?

Yes                                                         62.185%

No                                                          37.395%

Unanswered                                            0.42% 

17.   Has the Colby Cassani Lecture Series met any educational gaps?

 Yes                                                        84.874%

No                                                          14.706%

Unanswered                                             0.42%

18.     Was there any apparent conflict of interest shown by the speakers?

Yes (If so please explain below)                2.101%

No                                                           97.479%

Unanswered                                              0.42%

19.     If you answered yes to the question above please explain below:

Given Answers:

·         [T]he speakers added insight and open my eyes to transplant information that I didn't know before.

20.   General Comments:

Given Answers  :

·         The presentation is excellent. It motivates me to want to advocate for organ donations and consideration of being a surgeon. I am also currently not an organ donor and it made me think about signing up so I can possibly save lives.

·         The patient presentations both as donor and recipient were outstanding! I could not imagine a better way to present that topic...

·         It was very meaningful and memorable to hear from both the family of an organ donor and transplant recipient.  I will definitely carry these presentations with me as I progress through medical school. 

·         I really enjoyed the lecture series.  Thank you for making this happen!

·         I felt the presentations were well done and well put together. I gained a lot from the Cassani's presentation, as well as the presentations from Dr. Reintjes...

·         I found the presentations to complement each other well and I was very interested in the topic. This presentation came with perfect timing, as well, following our cardiopulmonary and GI sections and during our renal section. I felt that I had a firm understanding of the background required for the discussion. I was moved by the donor and recipient stories. This was one of my favorite learning experiences of the year!

·         I thoroughly enjoyed the lecture series today.  I I feel that organ donation and transplantation is a very important topic that not only medical students should learn about but should also be shared to the public.  I applaud the Cassani family for turning the tragic death of their son, Colby, into a lifelong calling of spreading the word on organ donation and how we can all choose to give the gift of life.  

·         I enjoyed it.

·         Great lecture series. Good info to have...

·         I thought the overall lecture series was very interesting and a nice break from general lectures...The best part was in the very beginning when Mrs. Cassani just talked to us.  

·         I enjoyed the presenters.  Especially the Cassini family and the recipient.  I think it was very helpful to have both donor and recipient families present....I thought it was an informative morning...

·         I thoroughly enjoyed this! Thanks for putting it together! Highly recommended for years to come. 

·         It was a good experience.  

·         I really enjoyed the patient presentations, both by Mrs. Cassani and Mr. [G].  I wished we had more speakers such as these...

·         Excellent presentation day.  It is nice to have both the donor and recipient perspective

·         I thought the series was excellent! I love the day of focused material, learning the clinical aspects, treatments, organizations of a pathology and then hearing first-hand accounts by patients. It is VERY effective and useful! Very impressed! Thanks for the lunch, by the way!

·         This lecture series was fantastic.  It elaborated on subjects that have barely been addressed in our coursework and introduced many new concepts.  The enthusiasm and genuineness of the speakers made it a truly engaging experience.  The talks were clinically relevant and interesting.  Overall I was extremely satisfied with this lecture series and want to express my gratitude for those who presented and who worked hard to provide us with this opportunity.  

·         I enjoyed the lecture series especially Mr. [G]l's presentation.

·         I feel like transplant day was very valuable to us as future physicians and also potential donors one day.

·         I really enjoyed the lecture series. I appreciate the opportunity to listen to the personal stories of individuals who represented both sides of the spectrum of organ transplantation and donation. 

·         Very nice. Enjoyed the patient presenters.

·         Great presentations!

·         [V]ery informative. I have never in my studies learned so much about transplantation and I feel that the organization of the lecture series made it very accessible to learn!

·         Thanks for putting this together! It was phenomenal!

·         The presentation was very informative. I really was unclear how the whole process of organ donation occurred. I feel like I learned a lot.

·         I really enjoyed the lecture series on transplantation. It opened my mind to a field of medicine I had never thought about, brought the need to become an organ donor to my attention, and brought an increased clinical awareness to our education.

·         The presentation by Mrs. Cassani was very moving. I enjoyed listening to lectures that were very relevant to clinical medicine we will face as future physicians.

·         The first speaker Starla Cassani told a very moving personal story and I was glad to have heard it. I mostly hear of the value of organ donation from the recipient's perspective. This is the first time I have heard it from a donor mother's perspective. It gave me a new insight on the value of organ donation.    

·         This was as worthwhile as anything we have done in our classroom learning.  The importance of driving the humanity of the field we have chosen cannot be overstated.

·         Perfect time of the year for this. Definitely appropriate for renal section. Best p[atien]t presentation we have had thus far

·         I really enjoyed the lecture series. Thank you for organizing it. 

·         Not only was the lecture series educational, it was great opportunity to see people that have gone through the struggles of these situations and how they deal with it outside of the hospital room, which is where we as future physicians will usually see them. The speakers were outstanding, and I really enjoyed hearing what they had to say about transplantation, and the real life story of a donor family and a recipient.

·         I really enjoy the patient presentations. Their stories and the information they present to us about the disease always sticks with me much greater than traditional lecture style presentations.

·         I thought this was a very well organized and informative lecture series that should definitely continue in the future.

·         A very good series of lectures, especially from Starla Cassani and Ray [G]. I think their presentations were the most educational because they provide a perspective on patients and families that isn't going to be taught in a traditional med-school lecture. I think it helps to provide insight on how to help patients and families cope with loss and hopefully to make a decision that enhances other peoples' lives.

·         Todays lecture series was amazing. Any chance we get as future physicians to hear from patients and families is always helpful to our success as caring and well rounded physicians. I feel that not only did I gain valuable information about organ donation for my patients, but I also became well aware of a positive outcome that can help me deal with the reoccurring concept of death and dying that I will witness as a physician. 

·         I enjoyed the series immensely. Having speakers from all sides of this complex equation is a rare event. Who I like most from the presentations was Mrs. Cassani's. She introduced an entirely new viewpoint for me. I did not realize how much joy could be brought to a donor family. I also appreciated Mr. [G] and how much he was able to do in his life since he received his gift. There is so much to be gained for so many people when you donate.

·         The more science based speakers were very knowledgeable and willing to share their information. I feel that scheduling them in the middle of the series was perfect. It provided a good balance to the day.

·         The lecture series was very educational and informative...

·         The personal stories were compelling and interesting...

·         Well done

·         I was very impressed and very grateful that this information was presented to us.

·         This was such a great supplement to our learning! Especially as we approach summer, and some of us are considering shadowing and research experiences, this puts transplant topics on the radar. Getting a broad and in depth look at how the process works was really awesome. I did not know and I am relieved that there are trained professionals to talk to families about donations, because that's an area of death and dying that has deterred me previously from certain fields of medicine that I will now reconsider. As always having patient presentations is such a special opportunity, and I wish we could do more of them throughout the year. Thank you to all who worked hard to provide us this unique opportunity. It will not be forgotten. 

·         I really enjoyed hearing the personal stories of the presenters and the patient presentations.

·         Overall, I thought this was a wonderful lecture series. 

·         The topic of renal transplant was well covered, and the selection of presenters was great. The balance between patient stories and the science behind it all made for a nice dynamic.

·         The lecture series was a great educational experience for us and as always the patient presentations hit home the most with us students. It always reminds me why I came here to be a doctor.

·         Overall, I was happy with the lecture series.  Most importantly, I enjoyed the presentations by the donor and recipient of the organ transplants.  It is refreshing to hear personal experiences in order to allow the human element to enter our medical training.  

·         A worthwhile experience 

·         Please share my thanks with the Cassani family for their long-term dedication to the transplant and academic communities. Their story was very touching and emotional, but maintained a positive message. I found the other speakers to be very articulate and intellectual as well. I left this lecture series knowing a good deal more about the process of transplantation from donor to recipient and the aftercare involved. However, I feel that my communication with my patients and their loved ones stands to benefit most from this exposure. Again, thank you.

·         This was an interesting and educational day. I surprisingly felt it was worth all the time and effort, and very happy I had the opportunity to attend.

·         I really enjoyed this lecture series. I think it added a much needed view into the transplant process that we have not received in class. I hope this series will continue for future students, as I believe it is VERY beneficial to our overall understanding of patient impact and patient relations. 

·         Absolutely awesome.  I am very interesting in human islet transplantation and this lecture was very helpful and exciting.

·         I'm glad we have this lecture series. 

·         I felt this was a fantastic opportunity to learn about an area of medicine that few students have experienced.  I was able to gain an insight into all aspects of transplantation, from the donors, recipients, physicians and organizers who oversee the process.  Thank you for coming to KCUMB.

·         I really enjoyed the patient presentations, most of all Colby's story. 

·         It has opened my eyes about organ donation and how it affects so many lives

·         It was very good.

·         Loved the whole day!

·         I really enjoyed the presentations, especially the one given by Starla Cassani. She was very engaging and listening to her story was a great eye opener.

·         I thought this was s great lecture series.  I especially liked the viewpoint's from donor and recipient.

·         I really enjoyed this lecture series, and I thought it enhanced the topics that we discussed in class.  Also, it gave me a chance to learn from real-life examples of peoples' lives who were impacted (both donor family and recipient), and it reminded me about the importance of compassion in patient care.

·         Great speakers!!! They did a great job bringing a compassionate viewpoint.

·         awesome

·         This was an excellent opportunity for us students to be able to hear from different aspects in regards to transplantation. At the end of the presentation I felt refreshed and feel that listening to the presenters will help me re-focus on these final few weeks of class and exams.  

·         Overall very good lecture series. Exceeded my expectations. I enjoyed the patient presentations very much and learned a lot about organ donation. Thank you.

·         Having worked in Renal transplant for a couple years, I was very happy with the content and depth of information provided today.  The Cassani's are wonderful for providing us with this experience.  I felt it added a personal touch to the clinical approach to organ transplant that can not be duplicated by professors.  Thank you for giving us this opportunity.

·         [V]ery interesting, I especially liked [M]rs Cassani

·         [I]t was very interesting and informative and a chance to learn about a topic we will run into in practice

·         The day was very well organized and informative and am glad we had this lecture subject before 3rd year... 

·         These lectures were fantastic. I am always interested in the patient[']s perspective of care. I honestly believe presentations like these will make me a more compassionate and patient oriented physician.

·         I thought this lecture series was outstanding, and really hope that you continue it for future students. It was wonderful to hear speakers from so many different topics, to really give a well rounded education on transplant in such a short period of time...I thought this was an amazing learning experience.

·         I enjoyed the lecture series, it was a good opportunity for us to learn a little more about a topic we are familiar with, but maybe not familiar enough with.

·         I thought this was a great lecture series. I loved being able to hear about a specific topic in medicine from many different aspects; an entire team working together. While in our first two years we get so caught up in the science aspect of medicine that we sometimes forget the human component. This really made me appreciate the actual lives that we will be touching. It also made me appreciate that medicine is a team effort.

·         Thank you for presenting to our class.

·         This was a great opportunity.  I wonder if there is a way to include the bioethics students too.

·         Thanks for this insightful opportunity! 

·         Really enjoyed it!

·         I loved it, I got the most from the patient presentations...I learned a lot from their point of view that I had never thought about before.

·         The lecture series was amazing. I learned new things and it made me think about registering to organs donation.